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The Last Streetwise Opera Workshop for the Summer

The Last Streetwise Opera Workshop for the Summer

Tuesday the 15th of July

So this was it, the last workshop of the summer for Streetwise Opera Nottingham. It was a hot and humid day in Nottingham today, reminiscent of the weather in Sicily all those years ago when the young, handsome, romantic Turridu met a sticky end in Mascagni's Cavalleria Rusticana, the operatic tale of heartbreak we have been recreating in the Len Maynard Suite in Nottingham's Royal Centre. Love, longing and loss are the main themes of that opera and they have been echoed in our sessions. We love working with Streetwise participants, they are always longing for the next session and they certainly eat LOSS of biscuits!!! That's where the similarities end and I'm not sure the Len Maynard Suite has witnessed such passion, revenge and high drama, with the possible exception of when the Bay City Rollers were last on tour here.

We had a good turn out for the workshop, which was great as it was our last session working on Cavalleria Rusticana. Today we would be working on the final act, the drinking song and the death scene. One of the techniques we use is to take the tunes of the Opera and add our own devised lyrics in English. Today we worked on the drinking song and came up with some great pub-inspired lyrics, led by Jim, one of our participants. After ten minutes or so our masterpiece was ready for its first run. The group put their best party acting heads on and recreated a true Sicilian Easter Celebration.

Plastic cups in hand they swayed, swooned and sung their hearts out; the first verse was their own version and Neil sung the second verse in Italian to give the guys an idea of what the really Opera sounds like. By chance, this was one of the first operatic roles that Neil sang as a professional. In fact, he was the young, handsome, romantic Turridu – how things have changed!

Anyway, back to the plot for those who haven't already lost it! Enter Alfio looking for revenge on the rotter who has been having an affair with his wife Lola. Turridu and Alfio walk off to the orange orchard - well the room next door actually - and have their duel with knives. Turridu meets his aforementioned syrupy conclusion at the hands of the vengeful Alfio and the screams of the crowd confirm this.

Tim played the rousing and dramatic end of the Opera on the piano as the curtain fell not only on Streetwise Opera's Cavalleria Rusticana but also on our summer sessions.

Everyone was sad that we were calling time on this Opera because they had enjoyed it so much. However, we assured them we had more goodies, saddies and downright baddies in store in our next opera. Not giving too much away at this time, but suffice it to say that if the tenor doesn't cop it, then the soprano will. Such is operatic life!

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  1. Jeremy Bartys:
    Jul 18, 2014 at 01:56 PM

    Naughty Neil & Three Tennors Tim & the Nottingham Streetwise gang sweated like pigs in blankets at the last session in July before Summer break, to put on a show stopping operatic performance. Neil sang his heart out while Tim tinkled on his piano. Cannot wait until September for more entertainment & light vocal exercises from this dynamic duo, who knows what this pair of cheeky characters have got hidden up there sleeves in September. They not only sing but they have tea + biscuits melodramatic dramas on and off stage walk around the large room at the theatre royal, provide us with air conditioning we also have party games write our own scripts & we even add our own lyrics we build buses from chairs & have loads more fun what more could you ask for on a Thrilling Terrific Triumphant Tuneful Tuesday afternoon. Neil & Tim also take us to the pub to drink a belly full of beer, before we all roll around on the theatre royal floor laughing hysterically. See you all in September guys & gals I cannot wait. Streetwise Opera to be continued at a theatre royal near you. Jeremy Bartys Streetwise Opera Nottingham Crew. Respect to the Cool Opera dudes of Streetwise Keep cool. Nice shirt Neil love the hat & shades Tim!!!!!!!

  2. Jeremy Bartys:
    Jul 18, 2014 at 03:35 PM

    Naughty Neil & Three Tenors Tim supported by Awwsome Anne & the rest of the Nottingham Streetwise Opera Dudes have sweated like pigs in blankets. to deliver another amazing operatic showstopping mind blowing performance on Cavalleria Rusticana which we all got stuck into & rose to the challenge. I cannot wait until September to see what the dynamic duo will pull out from under there sleeves, Thrilling Terrific Triumphant Tuesday afternoons have never been so entertaining where would we be without Streetwise Cool Dudes.Neil and Tim give us gentle relaxing exercises for a Tuesday afternoon, they make us work it all out shake it all about & stretch our voices where no Opera singer has been before they get us involved walking around the room jumping hopping leaping and skipping singing and laughing Neil & Tim never fail to put a smile on our faces & when thunder strikes they all ways have a light bulb moment feed photo copiers hand out business cards upgrade & down size & be the future what a busy pair. They gather us around the piano for a good old sing song, they all ways swing the chariot low and get the soldiers marching on, they tune our vocal pipes and chords get our lungs breathing before we let it all out we write our own scripts add our own lyrics & harmonies and have melodramatic dramas on and off stage. Tim and Neil even buld buses out of chairs and make us jump on board for lively comedy on the buses and a good old sing song. Tueday afternoons will not be the same for six weeks or more, I am looking forward to September all ready where will we get our tea and biscuits from for six weeks or more. Nice shirt Neil lovely purple Cool hat Tim groovy shades respect to the two opera dudes on a Tuesday afternoon. Have a good holiday see all you guys and gals in September. Looking forward to tea and cake oh and giving my thoughts on Streetwise Opera srious business on 22nd July at CVS Nottingham Voluntary Centre. Chow for now have a great Summer keep cool Jolly Jeremy Streetwise Nottingham.

  3. Neil Allen:
    Jul 23, 2014 at 09:42 PM

    What would we do without you Jeremy? Nottingham Streetwise would be a less happy place if you were no there so keep coming!!!!

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