About The Opera Dudes

The Opera Dudes are two tenors from very different backgrounds

Two modern day Mario Lanzas performing some of the world's most romantic music, in their own unique vocal arrangements. The Opera Dudes comprise a posh former Cambridge scholar and an ex-builder turned international operatic tenor.

Between them, Neil and Tim have performed over 50 operas as well as more than 3000 concert performances in most of the major theatres and concerts halls around Great Britain.  Each of them is an accomplished and established performer in their own fields. Their different experiences and backgrounds form an integral part of the act.

Neil’s extraordinary journey as a performer from his early days in Scarrington Minors' Welfare and The Cocked Hat in Broxtowe to St. James’s Palace, The President’s Palace in Malta, Villa Carlotta in Lake Como and theatres in Manhattan will be revealed as part of the show in all its humorous glory.

With his credentials, on the other hand, Tim could never have dreamed that he could team up with a former bricklayer. However, years of study at such illustrious institutions as St. Paul’s Cathedral, Trinity College, Cambridge, The National Opera Studio and subsequent professional experience at Covent Garden, Scottish Opera and Glyndebourne finally enabled him to achieve this dream.

Neil Allen...

About The Opera Dudes...started singing in the pubs and clubs of Nottingham, when he was still working as a builder. After a lengthy period retraining as an operatic tenor, he now performs all over the world.

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Tim Lole...

...first sang as a cathedral chorister About The Opera Dudesbefore studying at Cambridge and pursuing a career as a conductor and pianist. However, he soon realised he wasn’t getting enough attention behind the keyboard and decided that tenors had all the fun.

It was opera that brought the two together and the music of the crooners that cemented their friendship. As The Opera Dudes they get to indulge all their musical loves and have created an act which combines their many years of musical training with an equally long time spent messing about.

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The Opera Dudes

The Opera Dudes Neil Allen and Tim Lole

Take a bricklayer, a pub and club singer, a highly-experienced operatic tenor, an organ scholar, a cassock-clad chorister, a Cambridge Graduate, an impressionist, a couple of comedians, and a prize-winning conductor with appearances on the TV, mix them together and what do you get? Just a couple of seriously talented guys giving you a great night out. In other words, the Opera Dudes.